FFX Crash help please
Hi I grabed my old FFX [pal ger] game and wanted to play it again. It worked without any problems with pcsx2 0.96 until the sequence after Djose Tempel. At this point it ALWAYS crashes and I dont know why. I tried with patches on and patches off and with different graphic engines but nothing worked out. I simply cant go on.

This the excect point of the games when its crashes:

I'm crashing in Djose temple as well. I'll fiddle with the config and see what's causing it.
For those who are curious when: As Yuna fixes her hair, Tidus says something about laughter and him being the only one really laughing, camera zooms in and game crashes.

My System is:

Centrino 2 (dual core) 2,6 ghz
3 gb ddr2 ram

post me here if you need more.

PS: Ya I used google and other things to search for a solution but I did not find one helping me, thats why I create another ffx topic.

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use DX10, I passed it fine (PAL-E and NTSC U/C)
I use direct x 10 if you mean that.
have you tried software mode?

edit: once again, I confuse places, ah well..

You can close this thread. Since I am an Emulator newbie I havent checked the latest beta.

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