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FFX Cutscenes
Hi. So, im going through final fantasy 10 without any trouble, LOVING it, and then all of a sudden im fighting seymour. Things are all good, i kill him, and then during the next cutscene, the game freezes. Ive been trying tons of different settings to try and just get past the parts that are freezing it, but with no success. I was wondering if someone could tell me the best way to solve the problem, and hopefully see the cutscene as well (as i havent seen it yet).

Thanks in advance.

edit: also, is there some way to patch the games or to fix certain things? i havent done any work other than installing pcsx2, dumping the bios, and loading the game.

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The latest beta of pcsx2, or plugin betas?

Thanks for the quick response.
Both Tongue2

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