FFX Error
Hi all,

I've recently had the urge to play FFX, so as a student with loads of spare time, I've used my copy and PS2 bios to get me started.

I've followed the correct install instructions and always seem to get the 'Segmentation Fault 11' error. I've read around everywhere and the general consensus is that this means you've got a bad .iso.
In my case, that isn't true. I have parallels (running XP SP3) installed on my Macbook, so installed PCSX2 on there and can play FFX absolutely fine, same .iso and same bios.

I would prefer to not have to run parallels as it's nowhere near as fast as running my Mac normally. Any help would be much appreciated!

MBP 2014, Retina Display
OSX 10.9.3
2.4GHz i5
8GB Ram


Follow everyone's advice on the link pinned at the top of the Forum (http://forums.pcsx2.net/Thread-Testers-W...-OS-X-v1-0).

It took many hours, but the same .iso is now working completely flawlessly with GSDX. I'm also using a PS3 Sixaxis Dualshock 3 controller perfectly with the SSSPSX Pad Pressure Mod 1.7 plugin. Audio is running nearly perfectly with only a few minor glitches rarely with ZeroSPU2 with Time-Stretch and Real Time disabled.


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