FFX & FF12 slow downs
amd 9150e 1.8GHz "x4" Quad.
4094 ddr3 ram
geforce gtx 260 896 mb
vista home premium 64

Whenever I have one or 2 character or enemy monster models on the screen it runs at 100% or more (fixied with limiting)
However any any time I have 2 or more displayed it drops to 60% and about 30 fps which is just unplayable, can't even understand most of the voices and walking around is too jumpy.
I tried a bunch of different settings but perhaps I'm not doing the right one.

P.S. I had the exact same results when I had nothing but a 3200HD Raedeon (intergrated into my mother board) And the 260 is exact same fps why? (Except when 2 characters or less now, before it was 100% of the time)

PCSX2 settings atm:
Gsdx 1476 - sse2 / d3d hardware / native res
x2 speed up, all other speed ups checked, vu cycle in the middle
CPU - Limited, If I do frame skip it removes the characters from the damn screen every time in a blinking fashion, so that isn't usable for me either ; ;

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your cpu is obviously the bottleneck here.

If possible, try to overclock.
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RAM : 16 Go
That cpu is too slow and that can happen even with the best speedhacks and config, you might want to overclock it a bit or change it.
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I have

Core2Duo 1.8Ghz
1gb DDR2

turn on all speedhack with 2x cycle. Close most other programs and got stable 40-50fps, unless FMV which drops to ~30

Try to increase CPU priority too?
Phenom I 1.8ghz is much slower than c2d 1.8ghz ( its just a little bit faster than athlons ), its imposible to get good fps with that CPU no matter what.
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but he had Quad? "amd 9150e 1.8GHz "x4" Quad."

Is this a real CPU then? I had doubts aabout having 4 cores but at speed of 1.8 only, but then i havent updated lately on these things
PCSX2 uses only 2 cores, and still 4 cores 1.8GHz it's still not that good for most apps even for those that take advantage of the 4 cores really...
Core i5 3570k -- Geforce GTX 670  --  Windows 7 x64
so technically if pcsx2 supported 4 cores i would be fine then?
This is kind of silly question and I doubt it but is there any software that can trick up the cpu into combining cores so 2 act like 1 then i could do x2 at 3.6ghz ? lol
lol no unreal

4 cores @ 1.8 GHZ does not meen 7.2GHZ

it meens 4 threads can be ran @ 1.8GHZ
[Image: 1454055.png]
i see,
but if pcsx2 supported 4 then couldnt certain process's be split up into 4 instead of 2 threads therefor not requiring the current ammount of demand on each thread?

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