FFX FMVs interlaced [SOLVED]
Hi guys,

i know this is a long shot, but is there a way to deinterlace the FFX FMVs with hardware rendering? I read another thread about FFX-2 where they said the FMVs can't be deinterlaced in hardware mode, only with the software renderer.

-) I don't know if this info is still accurate
-) Even with software renderer (and ofc deinterlacing in the options) some FMVs are still interlaced. I haven't tried many FMVs yet, but i will update if all of them stay interlaced or only some of them.

So ... any way around this besides software renderer?

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Pressing F5 cycles through the various deinterlacing methods, unfortunately their is no way to deinterlace on the fly or any other automatic way. Simply put the videos on the disc are interlaced and thus they are interlaced when outputted.
[Image: 2748844.png]
Deinterlacing does not work on the videos when i am in hardware rendering mode. No matter what deinterlacing method i select, the video still is interlaced.

When i view the FMV in software mode, usually the blend deinterlacing methods get rid of all the interlacing stripes. This would also be acceptable during game because it does not produce artifacts in the realtime rendered sequences. They just get slightly blured, but that's okay.

My question was, if the deinterlacing is broken for FMVs in hardware mode or if there is a way to deinterlace FMVs in hardware mode.
I AM SO SORRY! I just discovered that i made a mistake.

I did not realize that deinterlacing FMVs does ONLY work in native resolution. That also explains why it's working in software mode, because software mode renders in native resolution by default.

So to recap:

FMVs in FFX can be deinterlaced, but ONLY if you are rendering in the respective native resolution (512x416 for PAL and 640x416 for NTSC). For PAL deinterlacing with blend bff (blend frames bottom frame first) seems to work the best as blend tff (top frame first) gives slight motion blurring artifacts.

Thanks Koji to make me investigate the issue further. Wouldn't have found that out without you.
gsdx needs a native hotkey.
(05-25-2011, 03:18 PM)Squall Leonhart Wrote: gsdx needs a native hotkey.

I'm afraid i don't fully understand. Was that a recommendation to the devs for the next release? Or did you address me with that?

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