FFX Fps drops
Hi, in certain dalogues I get a fps drop down to 20 instead of the constant 50-55 I get everywhere else, once i change screen like go to a new area it goes back to 50 fps again and works fine, the main place it happens is Luca/Djose Temple/Zanarkand...everywhere else is a average 50 fps with no slowdowns.

Cpu: AMD Athlon 64 Quad 2.8 overclocked to 3.09
Ram: 4gb DDR3 Kingston
GPU: ATI Radeon HD 5870 1gb Black Edition

Clocks: 50 FPS/EE 50/GS 22 - EE rises to 100% and fps drops to 20 in the areas I listed above.

My cpu isnt great I plan to upgrade it after xmas and new year, Is there anything I can do to solve this slowdown in the meantime? all recommended hacks and fixes are switched on, I also put the EE timing hack on to help but no matter what hacks I run the slowdown is always there in them 3 key locations..nothing I have tried has ever solved it.

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You could try the MTVU hack, that will help you as you apparently have a quad core CPU (though ive never heard of a quad core athlon 64 before, unless it was an FX chip) Smile
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yes I believe it is fx, I dont have the mtvu hack in my hack section, I am using the 0.98 version I havent changed to the latest build yet.....does it affect game saves?

Checked my cpu its a AMD Athlon II x4 630 2.80 Ghz.
not proper game saves no, only savestates (you know, pressing F1 to save and F3 to load). If you saved your game properly by normal PS2 methods, it will work fine. Make a backup of the memcard files before you install it just incase they get overwritten though.

or just grab the latest svn build and extract that to the same folder as your 0.9.8, as that doesn't have memorycards with it, so no risk of overwriting.
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Ok ill have a look on site, is my cpu bottlenecking my gpu? or is it just a really weak cpu?

Got the new build sits at 40 EE and 50 FPS then went to luca where it slows down and again it suddenly spikes upto 100 EE and 20 FPS MTVU on extra rendering threads set to 1...

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