FFX - GSdx internal resolution and crappy text.
I'm playing FFX, got the 1888 beta, using GSdx 1873 0.1.15, and I have a small problem with the textures.
Ill let the images explain.
Here is the menu with the "native" resolution selected.
and here is the same menu if I select a custom resolution, in this picture, it is actually 2x the native resolution of the game, but it happens with 1920x1200 too.

Any clues how to fix this ?

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yes use native this problem happens in Wild Arms 4 & 5 also
That's the problem with using custom resolutions, PS2 games are meant to be run at a specific resolution and anything other than that can cause problems just like that one. You already tried 2x resolution, try also disabling "texture filtering" and "allow 8-bit textures" and maybe getting the latest GSdx from the beta plugins package but other than that it's probably staying that way.

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Well, those didn't work.
But the quality I get from changing the resolution from 512x416 to 1920x1200 is much, much nicer than the imperfections with the text.

It really blows my mind that PS2 games could have graphics even near anything what they are with PCSX2.

I mean.. these graphics are almost as good than some fairly new PC games.
Just lower resolution textures and less SHINAY BLOOM....

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