FFX Game Save Trouble...
I have the copy in rl and configured pcsx2 all up. I extracted the save data through the ps3 so it came to a .psv.

When launching FFX (using disc) and selecting load it gives the message "no FFX data found", but when looking in the memory card there is a clear ffx data. Can anyone offer any help? Thank you.

EDIT: I should add that the copy is PAL and the BIOS is set to Europe. And also the psv was imported into the .ps2 mem card using Mymc

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did you import a PAL save that matches your version?
Its the same save thats from the ps2 memory card ive been playing it on on the actual ps2. The code on the box is sces 50490 and im led to believe that is PAL version, I hav the Europe BIOS selected too. If you need screens of anything I can provide them.
attach the save
(05-04-2012, 01:58 AM)Saiki Wrote: attach the save

Got the .max I converted it to and PSV if needed in there

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Really hope this can get fixed. Im not too sure if its the bios either. Its europe v2.2 anyway...

EDIT: I just played it upto the first point, saved it and then reloaded it, it recognises the save upon reloading so im not sure of the issue...
maybe it was a system thing, sometimes that happens
I mean the new save I just made worked, the one I had from my memory card still doesnt work Sad

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