FFX: Good Graphics but Junky Text & Bad Graphics with Good Text O_O
ok so here is the case... i have these issue on my PCSX that if i set my graphics to a good quality, the text in game goes junky or some kind of i dislike. But when i changed the graphics to just a regular settings (bad graphics) the text looks good and not junky anymore. Let the screenshots below explain it to you.

OS: 7 Ult. x64
CPU: Intel Pentium G620
GPU: HD 7750

PCSX2 1.1
Emulation Settings are set to default (the settings once you installed the emu). Only the resolution has change to 800 x 600.
GS Plugin: GSdx 5334 (MSVC 16.00, SSSE3) 0.1.16

Let start with the Bad Graphics with Good Text:

GSDX Settings:

[Image: gsdx.png]


[Image: graph1k.png]

[Image: text1eo.png]

[Image: text2w.png]

Ok, so as you can see on these sets of images the graphics are not good, but what i like here is the text are smooth.

Now, the Good Graphics with Bad/Junky Text with x4 MSAA under HW Hack. :

GSDX Settings:

[Image: gsdx.png]


[Image: graph2ks.png]

[Image: bad2o.png]

That's it, so basically my question is why i cant have both? why i cant make Good Graphics with Good Text? O_O
I already done self work around, change this and change that, but it didn't work every time i set it to Good Graphics, the text looks junky, and every time i change it to good text the graphics looks **** you know. I hope you can help me, or mind to share your HD Settings for FFX.. Laugh thanks a lot.

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Tried running at 2x native?

The text could be getting distorted by the custom ratio. Less likely to happen with a native multiplier.
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using MSAA has always cause graphic corruption which why its not recommend and they recommend FXAA instead. also there is nothing wrong in the first set its just has jagges.

And MSAA is what most like causing the corruption on the 2nd set. Like I said dont use MSAA hit pageup and use FXAA
AFAIK, it's something you'll always get if you a higher res than native.
It's kinda specific to this game.
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Long time known bug. There is no fix for it.
Might be a little bit late with this, not even sure if this fix was available back then but I found a fix for the text issue that you are having.

Config -> Video (GS) -> Plugin Settings...

Make sure Enable HW Hacks is ticked. Then click the configure box to the right of that. In there you'll see TC Offset X and TC Offset Y at the bottom left. Set them both to 337.

Also make sure Texture Filtering is turned off.
DQ8 has the same issue with its text does it not? Try the Half-Pixel or the WildArms offset hack to fix the text
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(02-25-2015, 04:21 AM)rabbie34 Wrote: Set them both to 337.

Can anybody confirm that this works? I thought you can not avoid this glitch using upscaling...
(02-25-2015, 04:53 PM)willkuer Wrote: Can anybody confirm that this works? I thought you can not avoid this glitch using upscaling...

This is an old thread, which I should close, but I'll check this really quickly.

Edit: It makes it slightly less noticeable, but does not fix it.
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Yes, people can tweak the offset exactly for this reason.
We don't keep a database with settings for this though, there's a lot of possible combinations.

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