FFX HACK CRASH!!!!!!!!!!
I am using pcsx2 r1888 and it works great on my pc. when i press F9 then all graphic disturbance or problems was solved but in some games like,GOW 2,shadow of colouses it won't work,it crashes and gives error that "GS plugin failed to open/intialize" but when i tried it in windowed mode then it works but in windowed mode there is fall of fps upto half as compared to in full screen.
any solution?????????

sorry for poor english!!

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When you press F9 you set GSDx in software mode, which ONLY uses your CPU and not your GPU. That causes your FPS to fall drastically and there is nothing you can do to change that.
For the crashes, you can just change GSdx in software renderer from its' configuration before you run the game, no need to use the F9 switch then.
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THANKS!!! but when i switch to software renderer mode then there is a black screen but sounds continue........
pc specs and settings?
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i solved the problem...............thanx for help guyz

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