FFX Hanging and starting again
Will do, Thank you for your time. I will continue my playthru and if it pops up again I will update this thread with more screenshots of the task manager and the debug log.

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The problem seems to be gone now, I don't know if it was the updated build you pointed me to or the speedhacks that come enabled by default on the older version but the problem is resolved. To anyone else who runs into this issue try disabling all speedhacks as they aren't needed in FFX anyway if you have even a half decent rig.
Okay, so it would appear I stand corrected! after about 3 hours of play it did it again. This time I took some screenshots to illustrate the problem in action. the game appears to hang cpu usage goes to 0% then upon windowing it the game resumes normal play. This is with ALL speedhacks off and the latest build. also it would appear when it hangs my list of processes running goes from 42 (on hang) to 45 when the game resumes. I'm absolutely stumped as I have never seen anything like this. Any ideas?

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