FFX Hanging problems
I've had a look around and read through several threads about FFX hanging problems tried playing with clamping/ turning off all speed hax/flushing/etc. Had no luck so far so I thought I'd post up my problem. I accept in advance that I'm not very good at using this emulator. I'm using the latest beta (r3113) and to a degree still figuring out how to use it.

Problem: Straight after the opening blitzball scene, just as Tidus is about to look at sin the game hangs and the graphic screen freezes.

Currently I'm using a Toshiba Laptop
Proc: P8400 @ 2.2gh
Graphics: ATI HD3650
OS: Windows 7
Ram 4gb (2x2gb)

Thanks in advance for any help.

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use SuperVU, I don't know why, but micro has been kinda wierd on FFX since rev. 1888 (the old beta)
use the internal iso reader if you are using iso, rather than linuz iso, for some reason the game makes an invalid sector read and it freaks.

If you are running off dvd, you may have to try both cdvd plugins.
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Thank you for the suggestions I'll try both them of out when I get a chance.

EDIT: I've gone and tried playing around with both to no success.

Anyway some extra information if it helps at all
I'm using an iso (I used a plugin from 0.9.5 or 0.9.6 to make it) of the PAL international version of FFX.
Plugins: see the attachments.

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Why are you using the superVU recompiler, it is slow compared to microVU recompiler (thats what i have heard atleast)
dont use plugins other than the ones that come with the installation

as for microvu its more compatible not faster (supervu is supposed to be somewhat faster but thats not for all games...)

as for the crash you got try using software mode with clamps to full/extra and
speedhacks off
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Also, there is a high possibility your ISO image is not good. I recommend remaking it using imgburn which is known to work great for all PS2 games.
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(07-09-2010, 07:49 AM)arquliz Wrote: Why are you using the superVU recompiler, it is slow compared to microVU recompiler (thats what i have heard atleast)

I've run into 6 crashes on mVU on FFX, I had suggested it
Thank you all for your advice.

Especially thanks bositman your advice worked very well.

As I've read there are several other problem spots in this game I will keep the advice thats been given by all in mind as it will probably prove useful later on.

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