FFX Help? :(
hey im a new member to this forum and im pretty new at pcsx2. i have been searching the web for ffx and pcsx2 bios and configs and all that. i downloaded the game and i start it up. but when the black screen goes on and starts loading the game i get an error report and cant play it.. why is that? do i do anything to the game? its an iso

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You say you downloaded the game. How about buying it? Piracy is not supported here.
o well i dont know what to do. well i have it for ps2 also mind telling me how i can use the ps2 disc to play it on pc? Wink
I'm not sure if I can help you, now that you said you downloaded the game, and your post suggests you downloaded the Bios, so I'm not pretty sure if I should help you.
i did download the bios. is that bad? well if it is im sorry i didnt know.
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