FFX - Hiccup on loading data

FFX is running perfectly fine at a solid 50FPS (PAL version), but everytime it has to load some kind of game asset (cutscene, spell effect, subtitle, area, heck, the start image (pause)) the video hangs and the audio stops for 5-15 seconds.

It only happens once per asset. Once a spell has been loaded, for example, it wont hang a second time for that specific effect until I completely restart the emulator.

..there's quite a lot to load though, in particular loading before subtitles or spell effects is quite annoying.

fps, EE, GS and UI drop to 0%. Checking my resource monitor, CPU also drops to 0%. Running at a nice temprerature of 40 degrees.

Anyone knows whats up before I start uploading settings, specs etc?

Eh, might as well do it now:
Intel Core2Quad [email protected]
NVidia GeForce GTX650
PCSX2 1.0.0
Plugin and core settings to default (Native etc)

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Create an ISO image of your disc and run that, the slowdowns will be gone
[Image: newsig.jpg]
Created an iso image using PowerISO, afraid the problem persists.

Also, it should be noted that they're not slowdowns. They're definite hangs, full stop.
One time only, when I loop the intro scene, it hangs a couple of times on the first, and for all repeats it works perfectly.

edit: Huh, of more note, it also happens to the PS2 intro scene when I select Full Boot.
If this works, I'm almost assuming this will happen in other games than FFX as well.

Tested, the same happens in FFXII. Curious, since I am 100% sure it didn't happen two days ago. That would point at a computer issue rather than the emulator though. Any ideas are still welcome, anyhow.

Restarting my pc fixed it. Painful, cause I was in the middle of transferring a few TB of files.. I hope its resumable. Anyhow, my PC has been writing files to my newly acquired NAS for a few days already, I think my harddrive was a total mess.

For future reference, freezing on loading data is highly likely to be a harddisk related issue. Makes sense, now that I think of it..
I would assume that that transfer was the issue then as it put strain on the system and PCSX2 likes to be the only thing running at times since its quite heavy itself on resoruces depending on what games are played
Taelia you can also see if your drivers are up2date and try one of the newer SVN versions. Also make sure that you don't install PCSX2 in Program Files, since Windows 7/8 have a permission bug more or less which can provide you with some slight bugs.

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