FFX - How to fix blur/ghosting
Just posting this because I couldn't find it anywhere else. When playing FFX on the latest stable build (1.0.0) using hardware rendering, some things that are supposed to be farther away have a blur or ghost image. To fix this (as long as you are using the gsdx plugin) do the following:

1. Go to Config, then Video (GS), then Plugin Settings

2. Under Hardware Mode Settings, check the Enable HW Hacks box, then press the configure button next to it.

3. Check the Agressive-CRC box (it says use at your own risk: this gave me no problems, but that might not be the case for everyone i guess)

That's it! this got rid of those pesky blurry ghosts that happen in some battles and areas. Now i can enjoy the nice high resolutions Biggrin My system is fairly beefy, so it may only work if your PC has plenty of power, i dunno.

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skip-draw hack works better, and old news lol
Skipdraw 1 does it I believe.
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You guys do know that all this agressive crc does for FFX, FFX-2 and FFXII actually IS skipdraw 1?;p ~ just sayin'

I find this and similar threads existence a bit hilarious, the descriptions of those hacks are soo mysterious and hard to understand... "removing some effects which might make image sharper/clearer in following games: FFX..." O.o/ I wonder if anyone even reads option descriptions with understanding, or just randomly try changing every possible option untill "fixing" their problem and then come to share their glory.

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