FFX Lags in FMV
Hello, my friends!
I've got a big problem and I'm trying to solve it for months. Now I would like to ask you what I can do.

I would like to play my beloved Final Fantasy X with the orignal Disk. It is the german, pal version.
OK, at first about my system:
Windows 7 64bit
AMD X6 1090T
Geforce 580 Lightning 1.5 GB
8GB Ram
Playing on 24 inch Display 1920*1200.

I tried so many gsdx versions but everyone got the same lags with sound and graphics in cinematics.
I'm using PCSX2 0.9.8.


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Try to make an Image of your disc and play the game that way, it's way faster then from disc Smile
OK, I'll try, thank you.

God bless you, it works!
I'm so happy!
use direct3D9
default setting no need to tick other


sound default setting no need to touch it

other default so no need to touch

try see can or not
His CPU is an AMD one, so no SSE4 here.

What is the so-called "lag"? Originally I hear this term when the connection between computer is not stable. Today everything is called "lag". Graphics glitches - lag. Low framerate - lag. Program not responding - lag. What exactly is your "lag"?
He get's FPS Lag while the FMVs, and that's mostly a sign that he's using the disc instead of an image Smile
Hello there,
The problem is solved. I needed an image of the disk.
It's so beautiful now. My PS2 looks like ***** on the 50 inch screen so its better to emulate. Thank you!
I, too. Playing PS2 on a 32 inch TV hurts my eyes, and I had to buy a component cable. It does sharpen the image a bit but it is still not good as 2x native on PCSX2.

I used to use FFX disc on PCSX2 but I do not get any FMV problem. The FMVs are choppy only when I play games on PS2 using USB Flash Drive, because the USB 2.0 speed might be lower than the DVD read speed.
Nah USB 2.0 has a higher bandwidth then a DVD-Player Smile 8 speed DVD = 11.080 kB/s, while USB 2.0 has a max. bandwidth of 480 MBit/s or in otherwords 60 MByte/s Smile
The PS2 has only USB 1.1, not 2.0. That's slower than the DVD drive Wink

Technically, emulating PS2 games from Disk shouldn't lag at all because PC DVD drives are way faster than the PS2 drive.
The lags are caused of the emulation routines of the CDVD plugin, when the game is accessing data from the DVD, PCSX2 is waiting for it and this slows down the emulation.
It's also dependent of the accessing methods of the driver (ASPI/IOCTL.. etc..)
The CDVD Plugin doesn't know exactly how the DVD drive works, what timings it has,etc.. because it doesn't has full hardware control to it and uses the OS's own driver methods.
That's the difference to the real PS2, because it has it's own drivers and knows exactly how the drive works because it only has only one drive with the same specs.
Of course there are different controllers and lasers on different PS2 models, but they installed the driver in the bios for all of them.

I don't know what Gabest or Gigahertz are doing to reduce the lags, but they already tried to reduce them as much as possible, compared to the old peops cdvd plugin from Pete.

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