FFX Menu Scroll problem/bug
Hey all, im quite new to PCSX emulation, But i've been playing my final fantasy game on it, without many problems, but i've encountered a problem now thats pretty annyoing.

When i scroll down in a menu, like a shop or the sphere balls in the spere grid, it automaticly bounces back to the top which is quite annoying, i made a little video of it, so you can see.


Also im not sure if this is related to it or not, but when in combat, and i press L1 to swap our characters, it just autoscrolls through all the characters like the analog stick was stuck, which it's not.

Anyways like i said, im new here, so i dont know what of my PCSX setup/config i need to include, so if please tell me if i need to include more for you to be able to help

EDIT: Sorry posted wrong youtube link

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delete all the input configs in lilypad and start again
Huh was simple as that, that did the tricky actually ;o
Thank you!

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