FFX - Missing Battle Bar [Resolved]
I started playing FFX a few weeks back using PCSX2, this is the second time I tried it and both times it's worked fine except for the Shiva slowdown and inverse controls on the airship, neither of which really bother me.

However, somewhere around Bevelle I noticed that the bar with the monster name wasn't showing up anymore, and neither is the bar with the short description of whatever you have selected in the battle menu. IIRC both of these bars are actually in the same position.

Was hoping there might be somebody who knew of a solution to this issue, or at least what it is caused by, thanks in advance for any help!

To clarify I took two screenshots:



I checked the config menu and apparently you can turn off the help bar, which also shows the monsters name. I feel stupid for assuming there was a bug with my emulator now, but I really didn't think there would be an option to remove monster name display. Thanks a lot for the tip Shadow Lady! Laugh

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I can't see any of those pictures, try uploading them somewhere else. Also what PCSX2 setting? Plugin settings?

Perhaps you pressed a button that changed what shows in screen while in battle or changed the game settings, try to check a game manual.
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