FFX - Missing polygons

I encounter some problems with FFX (E).
The game works fine, but sometimes some character's polygons are blinking which cause garbage (from 50 to 30 fps).
I tries ffx hack with ZeroGS ans NLOOP hack with GSDX but it don't solve the problem. I use "Run CD/DVD" to run the game.

Here is my system specs:
Core 2 duo [email protected]
OCZ 2x2go DDR-800
MSI Radeon HD4830 OC
Windows XP SP2

PCSX2 0.9.6

Thanks in advance

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I don't know if it's important but it is FFX Platinum version
Try with latest pcsx2 snapshot in this forum, if problem still in there, try in advance option to default first, then try for EE. recs in extra persv+sign/full and vu.recs in extra. For blinking If still there so enable wait vsync in gsdx and set option to always on in wait vertical refresh at. ATI cc CEnter.
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>> Emulation speed differs for each game. There will be some you can run fast easily, but others will simply require more powerfull hardware <<.
Ok i'll try this Smile
Thanks for your help
I tried the latest beta (831) and reset the config. The problem has gone !
However, if i try to use the "frame skipping" the problem is still here, must use the frame limit. With speed hacks there is no lag, the game works perfectly Smile

Thanks for your help

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