FFX Number display problem in beta
I was using 0.9.6 and everything was fine until after the first seymour battle where it crashed. I then changed to the beta and the numbers(HP, Gil, MP) all display badly. Threre's also some extra "lines" that display onscreen. It helps if I turn off D3D Internal Res and display in native, but is there anyway to fix it without running at native resolution? (I use a 22" monitor so running at native kinda sucks) It was working fine with the exact same settings in 0.9.6.

CPU - Intel Core 2 Quad Q9300 2.33
GFX - Gforce 9600GT
RAM - 4Gb
OS - Vista Home Premium

Gsdx SSE41 - Direct3D 10/11 (Hardware) , aspect ratio 16:9

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No, can't be totally fixed.
If you go to GSdx's settings and play with the "D3D internal resolution" a bit, or use the scaling options, it may become a bit better.

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