FFX PAL Crash @ Bevelle
Well, not so much a crash than it just kind of freezing up, but I can still hear the water flowing in the game. It occurs right after the lengthy Evrae fight/Yuna "flying" scene. I've run it twice now, and it froze in the same spot both times. I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem and, if so, does anyone know of a way to fix it? (Though, I've only ever heard about the Djose, Home, and Kilika crashes...)

The scene it crashes at

PCSX2 settings

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Use the 1888 beta: http://pcsx2.net/downloads.php?p=publicbeta
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Alright, I'll do that.

Question though. Why would the beta make any difference? Is it more, what's the word, stable or something? Anywho, I'll do that, thanks.
It's much less crashes and freezes in the beta.
And if you get a freeze you can always try to switch to ZEROGS video plugin and then just swap back after the scene, it works for me sometimes.
The beta fixes all these freezing issues FFX has in various points. Yes it has stability and speed improvements.
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The beta does seem to run better, but that scene still freezes up. The beta did not solve my problem.
Did you load from a memcard save? Go to CPU->Advanced and set both clamps to full and extra+preserve sign.
Oh and obviously disable all speed hacks...
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Yeah, I did load from a memcard save. And I'll go ahead and set the clamps. Also, the only speedhack I had on was the
Idle Loop Fast Forward that's supposed to work well with FFX. Think I should turn that one off too?
Yeah just to be sure
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[Works like a charm now. Thanks alot for your help Bositman, much appreciated.

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