FFX PAL actually running 20% slower
I know the difference between PAL and NTSC and how framerates work, but my pal version of FFX is actually running slower (events in the game unravel over a longer period of real world time) than its NTSC counterpart. I ran 2 instances of pcsx at the same time, one running NTSC (at a solid 60) and one running PAL (at a solid 50), and the NTSC gameplay quickly outpaced the PAL gameplay (at about what you'd expect from a 6:5 framerate ratio, as if the port was done incorrectly). Any suggestions? I've tried speeding up the base framerate, but the music gets clipped - I'd accept this solution if there's some way I can have the audio speed itself up (which also runs slow). Thanks

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It's really a bad port, runs slower on ps2 too.
(01-11-2012, 02:54 AM)Gabest Wrote: It's really a bad port, runs slower on ps2 too.

Damn that's really unfortunate. Well, is there any way to speed things up without sound clipping?
Yea, get the NTSC version Laugh Sorry, I don't know.
You want the International version if you want the PAL content.

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