FFX Pal cheat codes?
(03-28-2009, 02:19 AM)FFX Wrote: Okay, i need to find the Active Party: codes for the Pal version of the game. Since the NTSC-codes didn't work.

Does anyone here know the codes for the Pal version or know a site where i can find them?

Or maybe someone can help me make a pnach with the codes for Sologameplay.

My PS2vers is:
DD 22 64 EA 36 38 80 FD AE 38 1A 70 64 CC C8 3C 63 03 A7 20
SCES_504.90 00483118 01C1A262 EC6AC700 01C1A262 EC6AC700

And the name of the pnach should be A39517AB.pnach.

Im thank full to any help.

Best regards FFX.

(03-28-2009, 09:13 AM)redlof Wrote: you will have to do it yourself, read my guide in my signature.
I have attached the FFX pal codes


I'm Afraid to ask this but I seem to pick up an odd version out of them all luckily this guy was the only one who matched it via Disk Version Checker 1.1. Smile I figure playing almost seems like beta testing the FFX game out of them all for PS2 is the choice because everyone on here seemed to target it as the experimental theme. That and I always liked the game and the cg cut scenes ect... Smile

I to have ,
Key: DD 22 64 EA 36 38 80 FD AE 38 1A 70 64 CC C8 3C 63 03 A7 20
SCES_504.90 00483118 01C1A262 EC6AC700 01C1A262 EC6AC700

http://pcsx2.net/compat.php?&c=f&s1=1&s2...1&s5=1&p=3 ,
says SCES_504.90 is E not G region for the record.

Sadly I can't find any raw codes nor encrypted codes to this version. The only thing seem close was that pnach that "redlof" uploaded but when i read it, it said German version so I figure how is that compatible? I well find a way to make this work but I need help I can't tell if it worked for the guy asking or not because he didn't reply back. Maybe you guys can tell me if that German Version of codes is compatible with this E version? Or if you know any sites links that you can post that has codes for my version then I would appreciate them. It would suck if i was force to look for an NTSC version because this one is not well known or it's too knew. Please help me I'm just looking to cheat and speed up the testing and stuff. lol Smile

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Try using FFXED if you want to cheat at FFX. It can be easily used alongside PCSX2 and works with all versions of the game.

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