FFX Problem
FFX crashes when you attempt to leave in the room where guardians wait for yuna to come out at djose cloister of trials. please help.

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Can you start by giving us your complete PCSX2 settings, mainly your "emulator settings" tabs like game fixes, speedhacks etc. also what plugins you are using
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1 - upgrade to latest pcsx2 beta
2 - are you using the original DVD or an ISO ?

If so, try with the orignal DVD
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i'm using the default settings no speed hacks, only FFX video fix was ticked. i use gsdx 3693
1 my pcsx2 is already in the latest beta
2 it still hangs regardless of what i use iso or dvd
use superVU, it usually passes that point
used superVU but still no good, same error occur.. Sad
Well, the scene works fine with default settings (no speed hacks) in the latest beta so unless you're trying to pass it from a save state you shouldn't have a problem if you're really using default settings. If you're trying to pass it with save states try from the beginning with your last memcard save instead.
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