FFX Repeated Freezes

FFX freezes after many, many cutscenes. And I'm speaking about OTHER freezes than the famous "Auron Look" which is a well-known problem.

Here is when the freezes happened in the game :
- In Besaid Temple, when Yuna is introduced to the team.
- On Besaid Beach, during the cutscene, when the boat leaves Besaid for Kilika.
- After yuna's "sending" in Kilika (I've read this is a well-known freeze too)
- At the very begining of Kilika Forest when Yuna explains she wants Tidus to become a guardian.

These are not random freezes. I mean, each time I load the game again to go through the event, the game freezes at the same frame.

I've got a few saves of the games, so each time, I managed to load the game after the breaking point, hopping for some improvement in the future. But as you can see, freezes are very close to each other and the game just turned out to be unplayable.

Here is pcsx2 configuration :
- graphic : ZZ ogl PG 0.10 (No logarithmic Z enabled)
- sound : ZeroSPU2 Playground with all options disabled
- Cpu, Speed Hacks, Advanced : Default.

My Specs :
Macbook Pro
2.26 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
Nvidia Geforce 9400M

Doesn't seem to be a spec problem though (the game runs smoothly, 50 fps)

Thank you for your help !

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install bootcamp > use windows > use pcsx2 0.9.8 for windows = profit
Hello Squall,
Yes indeed but I don't have windows...

Some guys on the forum seem to run FFX on snow leopard very well (except for the Auron's look bug). Nobody except me reported that the game would freeze at so many points of the game.

So is it a pcsx2 config problem ? (cpu/advance menus that I don't understand much ?)
snow leopard has a whole bunch of opengl and audio related glitches, other members have upgraded to lion and had it resolve their problems.
I finally decided to upgrade to lion, despite all the people reporting heat problems with the new os.
Well, it doesn't work better. One more freeze on Mi'ihen road, at the al'behd house, during the sunset.

Looks like I have to wait for a new pcsx2_for_mac release...
That exactly happened to me, i was on the freeze after the yunas sending, i fixed the problem just changing the video plugin and trying different emulation add ons, im a PC and MAC user, i suggest to download bootcamp and try to emulate from pcsx2 windows version, like squall said, since its brings a great variety of plugins. Hope this helped.

Did anyone ever find a solution to this for mac? (w/o running bootcamp, I don't have & can't afford windows)

I'm freezing at the initial Yuna scene in Besaid, just after the FMV when they're coming out of the cloister.

There must be some graphics plugin switch or something.

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