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FFX Running Sllllooooowwwww.
Is this supposed to happen? At the start screen, it's more or less okay; a bit slower than it should be, but whatever. But when I start a new game, it's like it's going half time. Liiiiisttttteeeennn tooooo myyyyyy stooooorryyyyyy. Any way to fix it so it runs faster? I'm running from the original CD.

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nope its not, ffx is one of the easiest game to emulate, post your pc specs and emu configuration
Intel Dual Core E5200 @ 3,5ghz /gigabyte GF9500GT/2 GB RAM / ASRock P45XE/ Corsair CMPSU-400CXEU
I figured it was easy... One of the first games, after all. It's been a while since I checked my pc specs, though. It's a Dell Vostro 1500 laptop... and if I remember right, the Graphics card is NVidia something... GeForce 8400M, I think. Sound is Sigmatel. Running Windows XP... As for emu Config, Graphics is Direct3D9(Hardware), Pixel Shader 2.0, no interlacing, aspect ratio 4:3, D3D internal res 1024 1024. Sound is Linear interpolation, XAudio 2.
Get the latest pcsx2 beta, try a few speedhacks.
This emulator requires beefy hardware though, so "some DELL something" notebook is probably not enough.
looking at the low end GPU, your CPU will be low end as well

but yeah, only thing you can do is latest beta and speedhacks
That bad? I never really have problems running anything else here. Though I'll admit I've never tried running something ridiculous, like say, Crysis. I could run this on my desktop, I suppose... but there wouldn't be much point.
running from iso is better also what is your cpu

if you dont know how to check, download cpu-z
Intel mobile core 2 duo T5470.
a 1.6GHZ dual core is simply to slow for most games
maybe some 2D games but besides that... i dont think anything will run well

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