FFX Slight Texture Issues
Hi can anyone help with these issues i'm getting.
the game is running great constant 60FPS it just that these texture bugs are kinda an eyesore, see screenshots below

in the menu, some texts looks off/dirty
[Image: Untitled-1-1.jpg]

while here, white text (including subtitles) have white lines underneath them
[Image: Untitled-2-1.jpg]

here's my settings
[Image: Untitled-3-1.jpg]

if anyone can give suggestions, it'll be greatly appreciated

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These are just glitches from upscaling. Nothing other than playing in native resolution fixes this.
not true, the wild arm offset trick reduces them by a few pixel widths making them a lot less noticed.
the wild arms does indeed cut them down by around about half for me, i play at x4 though so i still get a ton of it.... annoyingly
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