FFX Sphere Grid Issue (not visible)
It took me a while to get everything running on my Macbook (10.6.8), I dealt with the first FMV freeze (Auron Look) as well as some graphics issues by getting ZZOglPG.0.1, but now I'm having an issue with the sphere grid.

I've attached a screenshot of the grid at the point in the game just before you run up the beach to Besaid (just met Wakka).

For some reason, I can't seem to do anything on the grid. It says theres a lvl 3 lock in the way and I dont see anywhere to move.

I've searched the forums and found one similar issue with a large white circle blocking movement, but the grid is still (for the most part) visible.

If anyone has any insight into what this is please let me know. I played FFX years ago and can't remember if you're even able to use the grid yet, but I assume you can since I've already gone through the tutorial with Rikku on the Al Bhed boat.

I've also attached two screenshots of my overrall config & my graphics config. Let me know if you need any more info, I'm not sure whats relevant or how to link the entire configuration.

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I've stumbled upon the same problem.
If anyone is able to help,i would really appreciate it.
Got a screenshot attached.

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