FFX Sphere and Text problem
hi all! I have this kind of problem: i dont see the cursor on the sphere grid, and i see underline and apostrofe near the hp bar.
Said that, YES! I did read other posts, and i know the solution probably is to set "native resolution" but my question is.. there is a fast/best way to change between native to a selected resolution? like when i press f9? for example i thought someone could've done something like that , so when i open the menu in ffx turn the resolution to native, by this way fixing a lot of problem without getting a bad resolution during the game... i can do it manually by pressing f9 every time but i'm just wondering if there some best ways!
Thanks in advance!

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The only way to really switch to native on the fly is pressing F9, but that enables software mode of course. But currently there is no other way.
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Thank you very much anyway!

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