FFX Video Bags need help..
Well im kinda new in the Emulator Thing and for last 2 days been looking for all information like Crazy And lots of Topic's helm me alot here!!
You Guys are dooing A great Job!!!!Thanks Alot!
I have instaled all like its suppost to be and its loading and working fine instead of one thingLaugh
[img][Image: testfo.th.jpg][/img]

[img][Image: testf2.th.jpg][/img]

Im useing pcsx2 0.9.6. A new beta Version dosent work for me dont know a reason....As i sayd im still kinda new but all works Fine with pcsx2 0.9.6 so far...I have Cheked DirectX and its dident show me any Errors..so its looks fine..
The problem i think in the Nvidia set up...Why i think so? becouse one time i had a problem With AmericasArmy 3 was a problem With InterfaceSmile dident see it at all i ask on AA forume and Support team helm me by Chenging a few settings in Nvidia...Well i Tryed to do it but unfortunatly FaildSad I need your help GuysSmile
Im Useing XP 32, duo 2.2 GF 8800GTS 640.
And windows rigth after FarmatSmile
And if im already ther Can you guys give me a Best Settings for my PC? im only interested to play FFXSmile
Thanks alot.

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Oleeee!!!!!!Thx for all who read it or notSmile

Its Works on the Beta i dident downloaded a Virtual C++ OLE now its forking Fine!!!

Still i will like to have a Best Setings For My PC!!
Duo 2.2 GF8800 GTS 640 And about 4GGB of DDR..Tongue
there nothing like a best setting for any game..
u just have to find and experiment with the setting ur self
for performance use gsdx video plugin and SPU2-X for sound plugin
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Everything looks fine, in the beta disable the "Allow 8-bit textures" option in GSdx and you might want to use "x1.5 cycle rate" and "Idle loop forward" speedhacks, they work fine with the game. Also you may encounter some crashes leaving the Clamps in Advanced Settings set to 'None' so you may want to change them at least when you find the hang/crashes.
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Thx you LadysSmile
So far its looks Good and working fine...At the nigth ther was a crash but i have find it out.. changed somthing and its working goodLaugh!!!

Cyckle rate x2 and its fine for me.... Also ther is a more option in the speed hack maybe to chenge somthing more??
And i reseace 60 FTP all a time is it good Smile???

And patches for the game How does it works???As i understand its somthing like a Cheats for the game?
You can enable the other speedhacks if you want but take in count they may just make your game unstable so it's up to you, having constant 60FPS on your machine will be pretty much impossible but having lower speed sometimes doesn't make it less playable really.
Core i5 3570k -- Geforce GTX 670  --  Windows 7 x64

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