FFX Video sequence crash
im actually in bikanel island and my game crashes inthis sequence there. i tried skipping it part by part by stopping the game with start and endless quicksaves so my pc hadnt to hard to work but it sucks and id like to continue with my account sso could someone please skip this video for me? i would be really thankfull. just insert the file in ur p2sx2\ssaves folder and load the first state ingame ( i think u know how to use this i dont need to continue xD)

thanls and be sure theres no important quicksave on your 1.st slot xD
anyone can mail me the new savegame to [email protected] or in this forum idk xD

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Did you try using the 1888 beta to get past that part?
[Image: newsig.jpg]
thank u works very good now ^^

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