FFX a little slow on disk, iso is missing graphics
Hey all, newbie here, first time running an emmulator so a little help would be awesome. I'll start with my hardware gigabyte S-series MB, AMD A64 x2 5200+ (dual 2.7 core) 2gigs ultra low latency mem. ATI radeon HD4850 video card. I can play BIOSHOCK at full tilt with no bugs, FFX playing from the disc seems to not freeze but slow down a bit in parts, music and all. other then that the graphics look fine and play seems to be ok. its not all the time either, enough to be dissapointing though. I thought it might be an issue with the disc, I used nero and made an .ISO (took a few minutes for me to figure how to open it with pcsx2) I didnt even get to game play, I stoped it at the begging where they are all sitting on the hill. music and speed seemed to be improved but graphics were missing (the hill they are all sitting on when the POV is moving). What should I be doing in order for this to ru smoothly for me? THANKS!

(edit) I take that back, the first video skipped like crazy, it didnt pixel or anything it just got jittery, real jittery. then it errored on me and shut down on the 3rd bridge scene. any help would be awesome. thanks.

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Try making the ISO with ImgBurn instead, it would help if you show us a screenshot of the problem and any errors that might have showed in the PCSX2 output window.

Also try with the latest pcsx2 beta:
Core i5 3570k -- Geforce GTX 670  --  Windows 7 x64
        Thanks I will! so I just tryed the .ISO again after my last edit, game play seems better, the first video was flawless! my only problem is the audio seems a bit funny and the obvious one from before, there is no floor or well the graphics are screwed. while I am trying IMGBURN and getting the betta vs I attached a screen shot.

Well...... They seemed to help out a ton, I like imgburn much better then nero, fact its only 2MB in size is a bonus! I used imgburn and it automatically picked a drive tp mount the image in which was fine because it picked a partioned storage drive. Installed betta PCSX2 and everything seems to be working great! The audio is questionable, it speeds up and slowes down a bit, I made some adjustments ad it helped a little. If its only the audio acting weird I can cope,
THANKS Shadow Lady!
Alright, glad it worked Tongue
Core i5 3570k -- Geforce GTX 670  --  Windows 7 x64
Audio will speed up and down along with the framerate you get.
Make sure you enable the frame limiter, and that your system is fast enough to get fullspeed Wink
Spoke too soon, Ok I got pics here and I'll start of with my full box stats:
OS= XP pro (fully up to date)
MB= Gigabyte S-series GA-MA78GM-S2H
CPU= AMD A64 X2 5200+
MEM= Balistix 1gig ultra low latency x2 (2gigs)
GPU= ATI Diamond Radeon HD4850 1gig gddr3, Directx10.1

Thought the problems were fixed..... Unsure Was working fine with beta and the ISO i made with IMGBUR utill the fight scene on the S.S. LIKI, it froze every time (tryed 3 times) on my 4th attempt I used the origanl ISO i made with NERO, worked fine. I have noticed a diff with the NERO ISO and the IMGBURN ISO, the CPU values are Diff during game play, w/imgburn iso the values stay in double and triple digits, with the nero iso it has negative values like -XXXXXXX or non-negative ones. it doesent bother me, I dont know what it means. The audio lags or gets jittery when the frame rate drops below 50. in the kilika woods its errored on me with both ISO's so Iam totaly stuck now. Image FFX3 is the erorr and the other two are the CPU and frame rate. The image in which they are talking the audio is jittery, the image from the video shows the weird CPU value. Any help would be great, Thanks for the help!

(sorry if those pics are huge! I just got a new LED screen and its native res and my res on my machine are set to 1680x1050)

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my guess is that you should replace the DVD drive . A [store] tlb miss appeared every time when i tried playing from DVD or making an iso with my old DVD-RW drive (which died a few weeks ago). It is commonly caused by read errors.
(12-14-2009, 03:16 AM)andutrache Wrote: my guess is that you should replace the DVD drive . A [store] tlb miss appeared every time when i tried playing from DVD or making an iso with my old DVD-RW drive (which died a few weeks ago). It is commonly caused by read errors.

Thanks for the reply, I just spent $400 on a new screen and video card the other day. I have no problem making ISO's, up till this point things seemed to be fine. I have no problem with any PC based DVD games, I am kinda hard pressed to just go out and buy a new DVD drive, mine is old and its a ROM drive. I would benifit fom getting a new r/w/rw dvd drive but I am thinking thats not the problem, I am hoping there are other options out there. Being I am over 2hours into game play I am thinking its something else, I was using FFXED but I tried it without that and its the same thing...... hmmm.....

Again thanks for the help

Anyone else have some ideas???
Are you by any chance trying to pass that spot with savestate?

What are your current PCSX2 and plugin settings?
Core i5 3570k -- Geforce GTX 670  --  Windows 7 x64

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