FFX and FFXII ~80%
So I just downloaded latest emulator (PCSX2 0.9.6), and wanted to play FFX and/or FFXII, and while FFX is playable and quite enjoyable it still emulates on ~80% (around 50 fps) and FFXII is unplayable too me because it emulates around 60-70%... imo that's too low and maybe that's because of my PC, here are my specs:

CPU: C2D E8400@3Ghz
GPU: Palit Radeon HD4850 512 GDDR5
RAM: 2 GB@800Mhz

maybe i've got too low RAM or something... 2 cores is not enough for this emulator?

btw I tried quite few different graphic plugins and all I managed to get is this 60-70% for FFXII and 80% for FFX...

ohh btw I checked how games would run under latest beta version and FFXII plays much better there, but I can't save game now, I get some errors when I try...

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PCSX2 doesn't use any more than 2 cores, and no more than 512 MB RAM. There is no problem at all with your specs.

It's good that you have updated to the latest beta as that performs much better and faster, but what error do you get when trying to save? Also, you can enable speed hacks to speed up your game quite a bit.
its weird that you cant save your game anymore, maybe youve corrupted some files?

my system is simular to yours and both, ffx and ffxii run like a charm.
get the latest beta and the latest beta plugins.

are you using vista, or xp?

if you use vista, go to my thread http://forums.pcsx2.net/thread-8167.html.
i had some fps problems with ffxii and fixed it ty to some awesome supporters Wink.
Processor: Intel Core 2Duo Cpu E8400@3ghz 3ghz
Memory: 4gb
OS: Windows Vista Ultimate x64-bit SP1
Graphics: HD4870 512mb
well, I used hack already Laugh BUT I know what I did wrong, I didn't download beta plugins, I used plugins from latest stable version of this emu Tongue now it works perfectly! 100%@FFXII, so I start to play FFXII atm Tongue

I played a little FFX on latest stable version of emu (0.9.6) and my save can't be loaded in beta version, so I assume I've got to play from begining? (not much waste of time ~1h) If 0.9.7 version would come out, would my FFX save from 0.9.6 work on it? Tongue

btw thanks for help :] and I run XP ofc, vista sux hard ;p

btw2 nice community You've got here! fast answers and help! :]
Seems like many forgets to download the beta plugins as well...

Are you using save states or memory cards? Because I have no problem at all maintaining my memory cards after any upgrade or downgrade. As far as I know they are mostly 100 % coded and will most likely work in 0.9.7 as well.

But save states will most likely not work with 0.9.7, as they seem to break even after updating to a later revision sometimes.

Keep away from save states as much as you can.
well, I think I'm gonna use both :] actually I could use save states now and when I need to change to higher version of emu I would just save game at any savepoint ingame on mem card and then read it in new emu from mem card Tongue imo that's good solution Tongue
Then have in mind that save states can stop working by just changing configurations or plugins, and I recommend you to save at the save points every now and then, so you always have a backup incase the save states stops working.
yea actualy it seems i'm getting an error when I try to load save state: "Savestate data is corrupted or incomplete" so I'm stuck with mem card and save points, not a bad thing though, more PS2-like :]

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