FFX and Kingdom hearts Black screen and sound only
So I just tried them in my PS2 and they both work so it is not an issue with the CDs (unfortunately the ps2 stays at home while I am away at school).

Anyway both the games give me a black screen and only plays the sound. I tried using the searches for the past hour or so but it is 230am so I probably missed it (believe me I have seen what people spaming new posts with known issues that are answered in FAQs do to moderators as I have several friends who do just that) so I do not make this post lightly and will probably feel like an idiot when someone links me to the answer in an FAQ i missed somehow.

I will be glad to give any addition info needed im just new here and not sure what kind of info would be helpful.

Sorry and thank you.

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Well if you actually did search the board you'd know that we need at least your system specs/plugins you use and their configurations to think of some kind of solution.
Read the PCSX2 English Guide will help a lot.

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