FFX audio and video problems- other config to optimize the quality of my gaming
So I've read many topics on this and other forums and configured differently the emulator and plugins many times but it seems that i can’t make it perfect.
So as far as graphics goes...I have 2 problems
1st) Sometimes when a *game - like* video starts and the camera moves a little fast , it becomes a little unstable, not sure if it is blurry or just shaking but i think it's blurry. ( it's almost as it is forced to move against its will...)
2nd) The characters that are in the distance, sometimes their faces are distorted ( i read a topic about the face being a little blurry but dont think it's the same thing...)

But i can live with those things, even though it would be best to fix them.

The thing that annoys the most is the sound problem i experience. Actually i think it's pretty much synchronized the video and the sound as far as the chatting goes ( and the music) but when a fight is about to start , or as the camera zooms in - depends on the fight -, I think the sound is slowed down,or chipped down or something like this.
Here is an image of the moment that i experience the sound problem
[Image: 78782708.png]

When those things appear it is supposed to make an harmonic sound, not a sound from when a trasnformer transfmormers... ( maybe i took it too far here.. Tongue )

Or you can read that and try to understand the moment that the problem apperas...
(- the sound that's like getting you into the fight, or that's how it feels at least, you know the moment that some round things pop out and then become one with the rest of the image, like an air pulse/wave - a magnetic wave you could say- or sth that after you see it, harmonizes with the rest.)

Os: Windows 7
CPU: Intel Core i5 2.67G Ghz (4 CPUs)
GPU: Nvidia Geforce GTX 275
(Direct X 11)

Monitor : 1920x1080 59hz

Plugins basic changes:
GSDX(SSE 4.1) 0.1.16 + r5346
Those are the only changes i made on the original settings
Renderer: DirectX10 (hardware)
D3D Resolution : 1920x1080 (my monitor original analysis)
Allow texture 8bit
Activated hardware Hacks:
Msaa (x2)
Alpha <- maybe I don’t need the alpha hack)
half –pixel offset
aggressive CrC
and Edge Ani-alising ( AA1)

SPU2-X r5317. ( no changes atm )

Emulator basic changes:
Round mode : Negative <- Only change
Speed Hacks :
INTC SPIN Detection
Wait Loop Hack
Wait for Vsync at refresh
Aspect ratio : 16:9

I play the game @ full screen mode.

So If anyone can help with any of those problems or has any suggestion about any better configuration i can make, i would appreciate it . Thanks in advance ! Smile
(Tell me if it is needed an audio/video recording of the problems I am talking about or some better pictures.)

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So when the 'water battle' transition screen starts, you're getting slowdown.

Sounds like you're running out of gpu bandwidth.

Try a lower internal resolution?
FFX did these 'shaky' effects on the PS2 too, I don't think you are experiencing any graphics problem.
[Image: newsig.jpg]

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