FFX crash on pcsx2 for mac
well I wanted to play FFX on emu ages after I finished it, and it goes smooth for the first minutes, till sin attacks zanarkand and my game crashes, always on the same point.
that's what I get:

zerospu2: Sound data either corrupted or from another plugin. Ignoring.

then blank screen

I read that this is a common crash and users suggest trying a savestate just past that event. problem is, I'm studying pretty far away from my hometown and it's not likely I'll be able to use my real ps2 for some months ):

GameFaQs has got some saves but they're all mid-end game, if I used them it'd kill my idea of playing it from the beginning :\

any suggestion? (Also, if you can give me an early game save state, some help on how to make it work?)

tia Smile

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There's a thread somewhere on this forum where you can request a savedate ;p , i can't find it right away... but it's here somewhere ;p probably in the pcsx2 FOR WINDOWS Tongue2 (savedata don't matter if its windows or mac)
I managed to obtain a game save

made an iso with the ps2 save creater stuff, configured pcsx2, opened boot.elf

-> black screen, nothing happens.

I was following this tutorial

but of course I cant continue after step 20.

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