FFX crashes after several fms
Hi together,

first of all, thanks a lot for the great work. I use pcsx2 on my MacBook pro for about one year now, and the graphical improvement are fantastic.

But, unfortunately, I can not play my favorite game Final Fantasy X anymore, because it freezes on several points. I can confirm it for the scene where Yuna is introduced to the game and for the scene at Guadosalam, after the group is shown a Video of Zanarkand. It freezes about one second after the fmvs.

Is this the same bug as the one for the first fmv, where the game freezes and what is going to be fixed in 0.9.7? If yes, how long will we have to wait to get the game back working? Can you perhaps make a public beta release of 0.9.7? Or is it possible to fix the bug in 0.9.6?

Please keep up the very good work!

Regards, basti

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Yes, I believe it's the same bug as the first fmv and this is fixed in 0.9.7.

I'm trying to fix the remaining bugs before releasing it, at the moment you can't use savestates or close emulator properly so not ready for release yet
Hi zedr0n,

thanks for the quick reply. So I'm going to wait for the release of 0.9.7. Hope, it won't last too long. Wink

I downloaded the new 0.9.7. package (plugins, etc...) and can't seem to get past the first FMV in FFX. Like Basti says, it freezes about a second after the first FMV in the game. I've tried different speed hack settings, but to mess around with all the settings would seemingly take forever considering I have to start a new game every time I want to test it out.

Are there settings posted somewhere that allow this freeze to be bypassed?

Uh there is no 0.9.7 release of the MAC port so not sure what you got but this bug shouldn't be fixed yet
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