FFX fps (random huge speedups)
I know by the name of the thread some may wave this off but its not a questions of how to speed up the fps... I can handle the occasional low fps and i usually stay around ~60 fps which is perfectly fine for me. However while in the menu in-game, save menu, main menu, and now - i learned - during the overdrives. the fps is shooting up to nearly 130-200... Now in the menus its not a huge deal just a small hassle to get the cursor on what i want to select, but during overdrives its a big deal...

Any idea on how to fix it?

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Don't play with the frame rate limiter off.
That fixed it haha. Dropped the normal FPS a tad but fixed that speed up problem. I appreciate it =)
Heres a random issue thats happening recently, since I turned the frame limiter back off, its been running really well until about an hour ago when it has went from normal to turbo - any explanation why? or how to fix it? makes the FPS jack back up.
You can toggle turbo/normal mode using TAB key(which you probably pressed by accident), also you can set the speed of turbo in settings to be just a little faster than normal game and use it for boring walking etc. to add a bit of usefullness ~ hotkey to turn on/off framelimiter is F4.

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