FFX framerate problem
I seem to only be getting 21FPS when playing FFX

I have:
CPU: Pent4 (1core, 2 threads) @3.60GHz
GPU: Radeon HD 5750
RAM: 3Gigs DDR2

Plugins used:
GS: GSdx 4600 (MSVC 15.00, SSE2) 0.1.16
SPU2: SPU2-X r4600m 1.3.0

Any help in configuring my plugins to make it run on my PC would be appreciated. I'm dying to play one of my favorite FF

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Hrm. You've got one heck of a bottleneck there on your gpu. If I remember correctly FFX isn't a light game on pcsx2. 21 fps is probably all your Pent 4 can muster. But I'd love someone to prove me wrong.
But if you really want to try and squeeze out a little more you can 1. try your speed hack presets. 2. Make sure your gsdx plugin resolution is set to "native". 3. Make sure your SPU2-X sound pluging is set to "1" interpolation. Good luck.
I kinda had a huge fear that it would be my CPU killing my FPS.

I'll try what you said right now and post back with results. I need to upgrade my CPU like I have done on my GPU, but money is an issue Tongue
Also, what are speed hack presets? Did i miss that when i was configuring my emulator ?
Working on speed hacks now, all the other things you listed only made it a 5FPS jump, but hey, that's something!
Cool beans Wink Also you can try frame skipping in the emu settings to try and smooth the frames out but it can break games so idk if it will work for you. Set the frames to skip 1 and 1.
I've been messing with speed hacks, I'm at about 33-35FPS now. Getting there, thank you so much for the help, trying the frame skipping idea now.
Messing with the frame skipping, at 1 and 1 sometimes i'll get spikes of 45-50FPS, but then it lags back down to 35ish. I'll keep trying, thank you so much!
(09-19-2011, 11:28 PM)Sennka Wrote: CPU: Pent4 (1core, 2 threads) @3.60GHz

Almost every bit of slow down you'll inevitably encounter will be caused by this; an old, slow, single-core processor.

FFX is actually one of the easiest (or "more light-weight") PS2 games to emulate, but it will still prove difficult on that CPU.

Throw every Speedhack you can at it, since all will be alright with this particular game. Maybe try setting the VUs to the superVU recompiler, or look into the MTVU hack.

Try everything you can, keep the resolution modest, and still don't expect to see full speed on any regular basis, if every really at all. Good luck. Smile
Set all clamp modes to "None"
Yep, I knew that would be an issue, I'm looking into getting a new one very soon.

Any information on the MTVU or where I could find any on it would be appreciated.

The frame skipping thing just makes everything go off the screen. So no luck there Tongue
http://buildbot.orphis.net/pcsx2/ Here's the link to the latest SVN builds. The latest should work ok and has the new MTVU hack. Let us know how you go. I have no idea how it works on single core multithreaded cpus.

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