FFX framerate suddenly capped at 77%
I've been playing FFX on the pcsx2 emu for a while now, (up to calm lands at the moment), when all of a sudden the game just caps itself at 77%. I've checked the frame limiter in the CPU section and It's set to 60, so I'm not sure what's doing this.

My specs are nVidia 9800GT, Intel Core2 Quad CPU Q8000 @ 2.33ghz, 4 gig ram, Windows 7 32bit.

I'm running the latest beta build of the emu. For speedhacks, I have enabled x2 cycle rate, IOP x2 cycle rate, Idle Look Fast-Forward. For graphics I'm using GSdx 1873 SSSE3 and DirectX9.

It's really unusual, because when I turn off the limiter (using the tab button), I get extremely high frame rate, but when I enable it again it just caps at 77%. I've been playing FFX fine up till just after the 2nd Seymour battle at Bevelle Highbridge, and now it's just been playing up.

If anyone can help, it'd be greatly appreciated Laugh.

EDIT: Came up with a temporary fix, set the frame limiter to about 75 and it seems to have capped it at 60fps. Works for now, though if anyone has a more permanent fix feel free to post it Smile.

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Looks like you have Vsync enabled in either GSdx or your graphic card's control panel, try disabling it.
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