FFX freezes at specific point of FMV
i have played final fantasy x to the point where yuna is forced to kiss seymour(FMV), and thats the point where my games stuck, before it every fmv played smoothly. It's vry annoying as i have tried 6~7 times fighting evrae and those bevelle warrior monks and then whn the fmv reaches the point, BAM! It Stucks! I have tried several congfigs attempting to avoid freezing but none works. Anyone can help me? I too have search the forum for related topics bt seems like none of them works. Or is there anyway to skip the fmv to avoid freezing? There is a option in the pcsx2 config in manual gamefixes - fmv hack, but it sure is nt working 4 me...


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*try turn off the speedhacks during that scenario
*Use "Automatic Gamefixes" instead enabling Gamefixes manually
*if both sympnosis still persist then it's a bad ISO i afraid try re-dump it
*i been there in that scenario and nothing happens to me NO freezes.

**(Optional)attach your *.ps2 file w/ your save file in the symptomed scenario then i'll investigate...i have a legit copy of FFX(SLUS 20312) make sure you have that have that in order your save file to investigate by me.
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It stucks because it is the most romantic scene in the game. So PCSX2 hang to help you see it.
you could download a new iso from * - i know, i know, illegal... - but im sure they won't care if your using it to get pass the FMV then delete it and continue using original iso.
also, have you tried pressing ESC then clicking Menu, resume?

Alt the FMV may be causing your PC to go overload, i recommend unplugging the internet, closing your virus software, open task manager, close any unnecessary processes (ie explorer.exe, to get it running again open task manager and click New Task, goto My Computer, your (CWink drive, Windows and the explorer.exe is in there somewhere.)

Enable the FFX video fix in the game fixes section.

All else fails, disable FMV's in the gamefixes section.
Does it say "CDVD read error" in the program log? If so, you have a bad dump or a scratched up disc. I recently had this program with a certain game and got past it by ripping the disc again
Quote:you could download a new iso from piratebay - i know, i know, illegal... - but im sure they won't care if your using it to get pass the FMV then delete it and continue using original iso.
We do care since we will NOT support any pirated games here or promote any kind of piracy like you just did (better recheck our rules...) Next time you'll get a warning.
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