FFX - graphic prob in battle
The screenshot should be enough to discribe it, just look at Lulus hair, Wakkas Arm or the trees in the background, they are all off somehow (only infront of the sky?)
Is there a way to fix this?

gsdx 3557 (native or 4x), but also happens with older versions, and even in zeroGS
tried with and without speedhack, same with game fix

[Image: unbenannttkyr.png]
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It's an effect the game does and just doesn't look so great on higher resolutions. You can try changing the skipdraw value in the GSdx.ini file to somewhere between 1-10 and it should remove it but take in count changing this value will affect other games as well.
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Wow, that had a nice effect.
But... what does this actually do and what are the side effects?
Windows Seven 32 - Duo Core @ 3.0 ghz - 4gb RAM - ATI Radeon HD 4850 - Sound Blaster X-Fi
That ghost image can sometimes be corrected using multiples of the native resolution. the skip draw can eliminate the layer responsible for it, but it's a hack that must not be left active for every game, because it may lead to things like missing menus, mini maps, parts or the whole HUD. It's a really dependent on the game hack, normally it should be used only near the 'despair' point.

Although the goal of the emulator is to be 100% accurate it's still in development and sometimes it may be preferable to tolerate minor glitches, reporting them, and they will be hunt down and corrected eventually. One should be happy the emulator already has better resolution capability than the original...
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