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FFX graphics freeze
So I am playing FFX on PCSX2 0.9.7, trying to get everyone's celestial weapons.
I am on Mt. Gagazet. I haven't saved in awhile, so I hit F1 to make a new savestate. Right as I do that, a battle starts. The music is playing, but my screen is black. when I reload the state, same deal. Black screen (or a frozen image of whatever my screen looked like before I loaded state) I could revert to an older savestate but that would mean losing 3-4 hours of work... has anyone else encountered this? Is there a setting somewhere I can set/reset to unfreeze the graphics... or am I just pooched?
I am pretty new to PCSX2 so I don't really know what I am doing or what any of these crazy video settings are, lol.
If you need me to post my plugin settings or w/e, I can do that.

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Try downloading the new stable release of the client ( ) and see if you still get the same issues.

Edit: Also, what the guy said below me. A combination of save-states and regular saves is always a good idea.
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I would recommend not using save states and use in-game saving. As for a fix for the current situation, I really don't know, sorry.
thanks, didn't know there was a new release out.
Is there anyway to transfer save states over to the new version? I copied them into the sstate file but the console is telling me slot 0, 1, etc. is empty
Nope, save states are almost always incompatible between releases.
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I would have no idea, but my bet is that due to improvements, the save states would not be compatible (although someone will likely come along and tell us different), but I would recommend just saving to the memory card from any savestate you can access safely on the older version and just transferring that memory card over.

Edit: Yah, someone ninja'd me.


Sorry. :<
Want to contribute? Don't know how? Check out the PCSX2 Wiki page!

Keep safe with MyWOT.

I have everything...
Thanks anyway guys. I'm off to play more blitzball than anyone ever needed or wanted. Again. >.>
Did you ever use the memory card to save?
thankfully, yes.
I usually saved my progress in-game when I was about to quit, and just used save states while I was playing.

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