FFX help for newbie please
hi everyone, im new in using this Pcsx2 and i know i'm kind of out of date because i really want to play FFX, an old game, on my laptop. i've read a lot of post but i cant fix my problem although i tried most of what i've read.
can anyone help me please because whenever i tried to start a new game, my pc fps disintegrates to 1.6 something which makes it nearly impossible to start a new game. so can anyone give me working settings to speed up this part, i dont think its a cinematic already because graphics isnt so good

im using PCSX2 0.9.6 version

here are my specs:
COMPAQ Presario CQ42
Intel Core i3 2.27 GHz
Windows7 home premium x64
ATI Radeon Premium graphics HD 545v

if there's anything lacking in my specs, just specify and i will comply

really grateful for anyone who could extend their help


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First try some speedhacks and see if it help. Well, you didn't fully give out the complete computer model number because the CQ42 come in different sub models... What's cause the low fps is the video card itself.
Start by trying with the latest beta:

then post your settings so we can help better, and perhaps if you could explain your problem a little better maybe with screenshots or posting any kind of errors in the console log or something.
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well i already updated my pcsx2, im now using version 0.9.7 and i seem to experience the same problems. i thought it was just at the opening scenes. i cant maintain a 40-50fps while playing. i dont know what settings are appropriate for FFX using version 7. maybe you could give me some settings that are working.

i dont know if its the videocard but if so, can you give me instructions or settings on how i can overcome this problem. BTW my complete model no. is CQ42 292TX. hope this info helps.

generally the problem is even using speedhacks(which i dont really know exactly what im doing), the 40-50fps only last for less than 5mins then it drastically drops to 1.2, nearly impossible to play.
Your CPU might become too hot and start to throttle. When running a game have a window of CPU-Z open and monitor the CPU clock as you play. If it decreases drastically, then you know you have a heat managemenet issue... This is the reason why PCSX2 is not really for laptops..
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The i3 350M (2.26 Ghz, not 2.27) has no problem running FFX at 2x native resolution, even with an integrated Intel HD. I know it because I've tried it on an crappy Acer one (when frame limiting is disabled, the opening cutscene reaches 75 fps on FFX PAL-E and drop to 45 in some large scenes). Your HD 545v is the same as mine. I have a CQ42-223AX, and I can scale FFX to 4x native resolution w/o decreasing a frame. First, read the configuration guide. It has everything explained. If you still cannot get full speed, so you are clueless.

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