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FFX menu text issue when upscaled
Hi all,

I'm checking how smooth I can run FFX, whenever I upscale the game (even by 1 pixel), the text becomes kind of messed up:

Is there any settings I can tweak to eliminate this issue? I tried both DX9 and 10 and got the same results (with and without 8-bit textures). Game doesn't have this issue if native resolution is used. I'm new to PCSX2 so I'm not sure which settings I should be looking at when facing such graphical issues.

ps: I'm not sure if this should have been posted in the "Bug reporting" forum because it might be just a simple settings that I should fix and not a real bug. Also IMO there should be a sticky quick question/quick answer thread so there wouldn't be a need to create a whole new thread to ask a simple question (I apologize if there's one already and I missed it).

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that's what you get when you run a game in a resolution it wasn't coded for.
This is a known side effect of upscaling. Nothing you can do about it ATM.
And yes, this wouldn't have been a valid bug report, because it's not related to pcsx2 core.
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It's one of the littlest issues you can encounter with PCSX2.

Try not to let that one get to ya. Wink
If only I wasn't so OCD about such things lol =( but games like FFXII seem to upscale very well from what I've checked with barely any issues, still haven't played any game on PCSX2 seriously, will be able to make a final judgement once I played 'em for a while.

So when it comes to graphical tweaking, the only place I should be looking at is the GSdx plug-in settings? i.e everything else in the emulation settings (EE/IOE, VUs, GS..etc) will only effect the FPS and how the game plays?
No, graphical effects can come from other places. Options in the EE/IOP or VU sections could potential fix graphic related issues.

Meanwhile, some Speedhacks could cause them. It totally depends on the game, though.
The settings in PCSX2 can only potentially break games (rarely), never make them look better.
So yeah, if you're after image quality you need to look at GSdx.

Tip for this game: Find the gsdx.ini and set a variable called "allowHacks" to 1.
Then you have a few more options in the GSdx configuration, including a "skipdraw".
Set that one to 1 to fix the bad blur effect in battles Smile
Thanks for replying guys. I just found out about that line a bit ago and added it in the ini file, thanks for the skipdraw tip rama.

Is it OK to post such small visual issues in the GSdx official thread even though it's being upscaled? Also, would it be worth it to try out some of the previous GSdx plug-ins in-case the problem doesn't exist there?
AFAIK it always existed.
but so many people have been complaining about this that I think Gabest knows about it.
Duno if he's trying to fix it, though...
CPU : AMD Ryzen 7 3800X
Mobo : Asus PRIME B450-PLUS
GPU : NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070
RAM : 16 Go
I've tried to hackfix it but yea, it goes bad the moment you don't perfectly align it like the game devs intended (which is always when upscaling).
according to some, it is less apparent if you use exact multiples of the games resolution rather than the predefined multipliers.

i stress the "less apparent" because of rama's reasons above.

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