FFX minor graphical problem with menu
I finally got FFX working on my computer and it looks great with the high resolution but there is a slight problem with the menu graphics. When I set the resolution to "native" it goes away, but the graphics look horrible on native.
The game is FFX International (NTSC-J). The original, not the hacked one with japanese audio.

System specs:
i5 750
GTS 250
PCSX2 0.9.6
Windows 7 64-bit
(Yes I did update DirectX)

[Image: 2s9645i.png]
[Image: 357naya.png]
[Image: 28jfqxd.png]
[Image: nbunb7.png]
[Image: 116ujqh.png]

The rest of the game works fine so this doesn't bother me too much but if anyone has any idea how to fix this it'd be much appreciated. Laugh

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I'm pretty sure that's a problem you can't avoid if you increase the internal resolution.
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Larfin_man's right.
Making a game run at resolutions it wasn't deigned for may cause some bugs.
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