FFX missing textures
So im trying FFX on my PC. i have an E7400 @ 2.8Ghz and a
GTS250 1GB.

using the Gsdx plugin i get full but ugly textures. Using the ZeroGs give me great quality but missing textures.

with the fps limiter off i get 150 fps, so i dont think its because my PC cant handle the good quality. the game looks like this:
[Image: NewBitmapImage.jpg]

i play at 1920x1080, x16AA.
when using ZeroGs, i cant get rid of the window, even when pressing shift+F9. how do i play in full screen? also, how do i save my state?

im asking so much questions, bare with me.

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With GSdx, set internal resolution to something like 1600x1200. It is the equivalent of the 'AA' ZeroGS uses.
Save state using F1 and load by using F3 (documented in the guide if you bothered reading).
Full screen-> Alt+enter
[Image: newsig.jpg]
i swear i read the entire guide Sad
Ill try it right now.
It worked flawlessly, thank you very much. im getting used to the whole thing.

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