FFX on Phenom 2 550

Phenom 2 550 Dual Core @ 3.1ghz
4670 ATI Radeon
2GB Mushkin 667mhz @ 4-4-4-10
Windows XP - Direct X 9


Final Fantasy X


Beta 1888

GSDX1873 SSE2 - Texture Filter, Log Z, Alpha Corr, 1280 by 900(Also tried Native), IL = None, AR = Stretch

SPU2-X 1.2.0 - 1- Linear, 1-XAudio2, - 190ms Latency


Speedhacks -
EE Sync = 1.5
EE Misc = All
VU = All - VU Cycle = Maxxed

Vu = 0 and 1
Micro VU = 0 and 1

Advanced -
Default except - Clamp = None and None

Results : 25-30 FPS on all of Highroad and 20-25 at the rocky area where they are attemping to stop sin with Machina & the High Summonder Main Purple Haired Guy is working with them to Wakkas dismay.

So working as intended or any suggestions?

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Those are particularly slow scenes, right?

Well, you already have the speedhacks maxed out, so all thats left for a little more performance
is disabling Micro VU 0 and 1.

Those speedhacks will break the game sooner or later, just btw..
oc your processor its a monsterTongue
you can easely get 3.8 ghz out of it Smile

also try to get a dx 10 compatible os it helps a lot in fps.
also what resolution are you playing at? ^^
Hmm i dont get it.
I have a Phenom2 X3 720 @3,2ghz which is for pcsx2 about the same thing you have except for those 100mhz. These ~5% more power shoudnt make such a big differance.
Graphic Card on my end: radeon 4850.

With FFX i can do about everything i want and the game runs at max speed, what i mean is i use the upscaler from the newer gsdx versions (which is equally demanding as high native res but looks slightly better with less bugs) with MSAA=8 and i still get 50fps straight (PAL). I have some speed hacks enabled coz i have them about always enabled when there are no problems with bugs, but not those that kill the FMVs.

maybe its because i use dx10 with windows 7? Anyway:

So working as intended or any suggestions?

->I dont think its working as intended^^ it should run faster. Or maybe graphic card is the problem but i dont think so^^

-turn off 8bit textures
-dont use MicroVU@cpu config only VU
-try getting a newer gsdx version
-dx10 OS
try turning off all speed hacks had games that whit some hacks off are running faster then whit one you can try setting clamp mode to normal
Don't worry, the highroad is any computer's nightmare, when you drop to spots like certain areas of the Bikanel Desert, you'll be sky rocketing fps. Its just THAT specific area.
Yeah the Mi'ihen Highroad will probably be slow on almost any computer (not sure about heavily overclocked i7s). Forget about it, since it's not all that long...
[Image: yunacopy.jpg]
i dont know, i posted my speccs above and mi'ihen highroad was @fullspeed straight through, not even the slightest bump... So my guess is its the newer gsdx that makes the difference^^

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