FFX on pcsx2 0.9.7
Hey guys i've recently downloaded pcsx2 0.9.7 and i've never used it before.
Now i've set it up using the default settings (first in each catagory) but FFx Runs at about 15fps at all times and is really annoying as i cant pay it ~ it takes about 20 mins to get out if the first cut scene...
I was wondering if theirs any thing i could do?
Btw my pc is:
Windows 7 32bit
Intel pentium 4 CPU's 3.20GHz
3500MB Ram
And an ATI Radeon HD 4350 G card

Btw i'm very new to this so could you try make it as simple as possible, but im not new to computers i kinda know my way around them

I will also be happy to give any details you need

Thanks ~Kisa

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Don't use frameskipping, it won't help, try using speedhacks like EE cyclerate 3, VU cycle stealing maximum, INTC sync hack, and loop/sync hack. It should be faster if using rounding chop/zero and clamp at normal. Those set to nearest/none wil increase fps but reduce accuracy.
I tried the speed hacks but it doesn't work, its still really slow, i read the first sticky topic regarding computer types and wether it will work and i am wondering if it is because i am using an intel pentium its running badly

EDIT This thead http://forums.pcsx2.net/Thread-Will-PCSX...y-computer
Your CPU is too slow for the PCSX2 in almost all games over there, the video card does not helps too. It's a scenery worse than that DangerousD faced. He found a creative way to overcome his machine's limitation pushing the speed hacks to the limit and disabling the FPS limiter.

This created an erratic behavior for the characters movements but gave him a reasonable flow that compensated the lag introduced by the hacks. The final result was interesting and that setup is the only hope for your machine and even so I'm afraid it could not be enough.

PS: To understand the problem, DangerousD Pentium 4 was overclocked to 4.3GHz and his videocard is an 8600GT, both faster than your current rig. The main problem is the CPU being monocore.
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Okays, thanks nosisab.
I am wonderign seeing as this is still in beta will future releases offer an alternative for people with PC's like mine, or will i just have to try fix my ps2 untill i upgrade my PC?
Some enhancement in performance can be expected, but not that much I fear because the accuracy is more meaningful at the moment. Anyway any significant improvement in performance probably will come from the multhreading area, what wouldn't benefit monocore CPUs and probably worsen the picture for them.
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Ehm nosisab the 8600gt isn't faster then the 4350. Even my 2600xt is faster then the 8600gt. Also it depends which Pentium 4 he has. is it still the Prescott then I concur his cpu isn't enough. 4350 is ofcourse quite a budget card, but it's atleast 1 generation older then the current cards, while the 8600gt is 3 generations older. Oh well he should still be able to play FFX with that machine. I've seen machine that are even slower and could play FFX around 40-ish fps.
Strife79, you may be right about the 4350 being faster than the 8600GT, ATI has a confuse nomenclature that turns very difficult to understand the real power. Still it's just too strange both, the second and the 3rth digit being in the mainstream- side... If so, good for him.

The generation helps, but those others numbers are what really tells the card's power.

PS: Just out of curiosity I looked for a comparison between the cards, the HD 4350 does not compares even with the 9500GT (that is the same as the 8500GT plus a little difference in the SLI capabilities), actually neither the HD 4550 is direct concurrent for the 9500GT. Source Anandtech.

I brought it here only because the difference is big and the 8600GT is way faster than the 8500GT.

The 8400 should be the one to compare with it.
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Fun. Lol. I found this thread out of chance...

Your performance shouldn't be this terrible, I disabled hyperthreading and underclocked to 3.2 ghz and I still managed 40 FPS in speed with speedhacks, and my video card isn't even under full load anyways.

Use fast plugins like GSDX, and also use DX10 if it helps. SPU2-X is the best sound plugin really and just use no audio processing or effects with async mix.

The balance between EE cycle rate reduction and VU cycle rate stealing is important. Too much VU cycle stealing slows the EE's computation, so just using 1/2 EE speed (3x) and little or no VU cycle stealing or full EE speed and near max or full VU cycle stealing along with the INTC sync and wait loop hacks. 1.5x EE + full VU CS is really the best bet sometimes for battles.

The options for CPU floating point calculation like rounding and clamping are important, I usually set them to nearest and none but sometimes I notice that setting them to full helps keep the timing of the emulation more accurate and even with the speedhacks it seems more 'natural' but really these have almost no noticeable effect visually but can cause some glitches if set for speed.

If your graphics card is the bottleneck then use native resolution or less than 512x416.
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wow, 15 fps. I'm using a laptop, and I get a steady 45-150 FPS with framerate disabled, and I'm playing FFX right now.

Tweak the settings: put speed hacks, run native resolution GSdx, disable frame limit or leave it alone and activate turbo when framerate slows down. enable wait loop detection, use the FFX Video Fix, and enable INTC spin detection. Those settings work for me.
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