FFX pcsx2 1.2.1 slowmo
Hey there all,

I played ffx before on my pc before I got a diffrent motherboard, I played the ntsc version before completely smooth without any hickups but because of heat issues with the vrms I had to swap out my motherboard for one that was twice as expensive. So after getting my pc back I decided to play ffx again, the PAL version. I've got it up and running but somewhere it seems to play fairly slow. my EE is at a constant 35-40% at 50fps stable but it seems to play somehow what in slowmotion sometimes.

my specs are:

AMD 8320 @ 4ghz
sapphire radeon HD 7850 @920 mhz
corsair vengeance 1600 mhz 8gb
thermaltake spinq cpu cooler
asus m5a99x r2.0 mobo
corsair cx600m psu
bitfenix shinobi


emotionengine recompiler enable EE cache off
iop recompiler
ee/fpu Chop / zero
clamping mode full


VU0 microvu recompiler
vu1 microVU recompiler
roundmode chop / zero
clamping mode extra


disable framelimiting disabled
base framerate adjust 100%
slow motion adjust 50%
turbo adjust 200%
ntsc fps 59,94
pal fps 50
use synchronized mtgs off
frame skipping disabled


enable speedhacks on
eecyclerate 1 default cyclerate
vu cycle stealing 0 (far left)

other hacks
enable intc on
enable wait loop on
enable fast cdvd off
mvu flag hack on
mtvu off

game fixes off

I hope I posted all the necesarry information, this is my first post here so let the noob rage begin x")

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enable the mtvu speedhack, that should do it
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It still feels a bit sluggish still 40% EE Sad
It will do if you played the NTSC version before, they literally just slowed it down for PAL, the NTSC version runs a full 10fps quicker.
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Yeah but I mean, the vocals sound like a little slow, slow motion like, and the music sounds slower, that doesnt seem normal
I play the PAL version since I'm from the UK. It always seemed that Tidus runs very slow. I thought that just might be how the animation was suppose to be but now this thread has got me thinking, is Tidus actually slow because the PAL version runs 10fps lower than the NTCS version?
Tbh, not just tidus, the attack animations for everyone and everything seem sluggish, like not as fast as they should be, and this isnt right because I had a japanese international version before and that one played just fine... so it seems pretty strange to me Sad

It couldnt be because of the iso right? or might it be corrupted of sorts? sounds strange, Im just brain storming here
Well coming from a person who only experienced the PAL version which runs at 50FPS ,I wouldn't be able to say anything on that matter. The only thing that stuck out was Tidus' running animation being slow.

(02-17-2014, 02:03 AM)Cloudwa1ker Wrote: I downloaded a japanese international version
Also, you should read up on the rules of the forum/site regarding pirating and downloading isos and such. It is a big no-no. You will not get any help or support if you do not own the games yourself.
Whoops sorry.... yeah edited it thanks for the save buddy :$ I'm too honest T.T

I forgot to mention that my EE is at 30-40% gs 15-30 % vu 35-40% ui 0 - 5
(02-17-2014, 02:19 AM)Cloudwa1ker Wrote: Whoops sorry.... yeah edited it thanks for the save buddy :$ I'm too honest T.T
Not really as save just a remind for future topics you may bring up. This thread will very likely be closed soon by a moderator and you will probably get no more support on this specific matter. Sorry.

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